Banning Bench Community in Banning California

Overview of the Banning Bench in Banning California

The Banning Bench is a “Bench” in Banning California. The Bench is elevated above the City of Banning that is from 3,514 feet and a peak elevation of approximately 3,900 feet. The Bench has a country feel with acres and acres of open space. When you purchase a home on the Bench you can bring your horses, cattle, RVs or anything you and your family desires. 

Banning-Bench-at-Banning Cal
Banning Bench at Banning Cal

The Banning Bench is a large area in the hills of Banning with a country like feel. There is a wide range of different size homes and properties on the Banning Bench. Homes range from 600 square feet to over 4,000 square feet the lot sizes range from 1/2 acre to 20 acre parcels.