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The City of Beaumont Parks & Recreation Department along with Beaumont Cherry Valley Parks and Recreation Parks District offers many recreational activities for all ages, hosts special events, and is responsible for city facilities and maintenance of parks and parkways.

There are sixteen  parks throughout Beaumont and Cherry Valley that provide opportunities and activities for everyone. Two of the most prominent parks in the area are Noble Creek park and Bogart Park. Noble Creek park has many activities including camping, rodeos, baseball diamonds, RC Car racing and also provides special services as the command center for the Fire Department.

Below you will find all the parks throughout Beaumont and Cherry Valley from residential parks to scenic 40 acre parks. 

Beaumont Cherry Valley Parks and Recreation
Bogart Park Cherry Valley Ca
Beaumont California Tournament Hills
Noble Creek Park Beaumont Ca
Three Rings Ranch at Beaumont Ca
Fallen Heroes Park Beaumont Ca
Shadow Creek Park Beaumont Ca
Tioga Park Beaumont California
Fairway Canyon Beaumont Palmer Park

Bogart Park is located in the foothills below the beautiful Mt. San Gorgonio, just a few miles north of Beaumont at the northern end of Cherry Valley. With over 400 acres of shady oak forests, luscious green meadows, a picturesque pond, and amazing mountain views, Bogart Park is a hidden gem of realistic outdoor and natural recreational opportunities for all ages.

Beaumont Cherry Valley Recreation and Park District is now managing the beautiful and historic Bogart Park in Cherry Valley, California. So come and visit this awesome unique park today and enjoy the many recreational opportunities!

For more information, please visit the website at https://bcvparks.specialdistrict.org/ or call (951) 845-9555

Bogart Park Photos

Bogart-Park Picnic-Area
Bogart Park Cherry Valley
Bogart Park Picnic Area

Cool things to do at Bogart Park

There are many cool things to do at Bogart Park including camping, horseback riding, hiking, fishing, playing in the playground or just relaxing in the large greenspot. Please watch the aerial video to learn more about Bogart Park and view all the events and activities that is provided.